bye 2022

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warning : internet-slangs ahead.

2022 was great year in general! Colleges back to normal (synonym to No more cheating and inflated scores 😃). I really enjoyed first few months with my friends. Did all kind of backchodi one could do. Late night talks, gaming, learning new scripting language before analog and VLSI design exam (im proud of doing this XD).

Academically this year was productive af. My work with vformer got some attention (140 stars as of now 🤗), internship at samsung, oss contributions and so on. Learned so many thigns. I hope to do more in 2023 💪 .

This is just an informal blog where i am writing without giving it another thought. I wont make the link for this post public(atleast someone visiting my website wont be able to find; unless you are a nerd who has nothing better to do).

But if you see this text, you are important for me ❤️. Thanks for the all the help, support. I apologize if ive caused any trouble to you. Less make 2023 beautiful ❤️.

(writing this becuase im tired by doing leetcode; it is interesting but i feel i could invest my time doing some other stuff; but coding rounds 😪)

I have so many plans for 2023; I hope to finish all ❤️.


with love,


_21:56 IST/ 04/01/2023_